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Admin index

This is the first page you see when you log into SuperHive administration panel.

Global settings


The selected account is used to get Posts from HIVE blockchain. If you select an another account, you'll display the other account into your SuperHive instance.

If the selected account starts with "hive-", it's acommunity account. SuperHive will display every posts from the selected community.

What to display

If the selected account is not a community, you can choose what you want to display :


Enter the title on your SuperHive instance. This title will be displayed everywhere on your site.


This is the small text below the title. Enter a motto, a small description or something that can describe your content.

Content language

Choose the language of your content. If you have more than one language, choose multilingual.



System settings

Number of displayed posts

You can choose how many posts you want to display on your SuperHive instance index. Enter the number of posts you want to show.

API Endpoint

HIVE Blockchain have some Endpoint to get information. You can choose one into the list. If you encounter some bugs, try first to change your API endpoint.

Display Crossposting

If the selected account made some crossposts, you can choose to display them by ticking this checkbox.

Developer mode